Debt Consulting Company Question received from Sarah T.

Question: I recently contacted a debt consulting company over the internet for help. I owed $22,000 in total, however, one of the debts for $6,000 was a “joint” debt with my spouse.

I asked if I filed a debt consolidation with them, how would they treat the “joint” debt.

I was told that the joint debt was considered two separate debts and it was considered that we each owed $6,000. Is this correct? They are asking for $2,000 upfront before they start representing me. Is this money well spent?

Answer : Thank you for contacting BNA Solutions. The problem with debt consultants is they are not regulated, there is no mandatory training through a Government body and there is little or no recourse when they give you wrong information.

What they told you is totally wrong. Just think about it logically, if you and I go in and borrow $6,000 and we jointly sign the loan application, we only got a total of $6,000. If one of us pays that $6,000, according to their information your spouse should pay them another $6,000? It just makes no sense at all. Do not use any debt consultant and only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT). To answer your question is it money well spent, the answer is clearly NO.

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For more government information about Licensed Insolvency Trustees and the rules and regulations that govern them, please visit their website:

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