Do you want to END your debt once and for all?

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees,we have spent the last 25 years eliminating debts and creating fresh starts for Albertans.

We are Consumer Proposal specialists, and are the only federally licensed professionals that can eliminate your debt and give you protection from creditors.

Real People. Real Solutions for Debt.

You can’t borrow your way out of debt, and consolidation loans won’t keep your creditors at bay for long. Our kind and caring team will listen and put your needs first.

We’ll take you through the process step by step, answer all your questions, and ensure you walk away feeling relieved. On average our customers often end up paying back much less than they owe.

Consumer Proposals

Consumer proposals are a better solution than taking on a debt consolidation loan. Why? Because instead of taking on more debt, you go into an agreement with your creditors to pay back just a portion of your debt. You pay back what you can afford, not what you owe, no interest and no additional fees.


In some situations, bankruptcy is the best option, as it allows you to start over. Our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees can determine if this is the best course of action for you. We’ll help you make the right decision to put you on the path to freedom.

How BNA Helps

Our team is ready to listen to your story.

Speak with one of our licensed insolvency trustees today and feel relief as we help you settle your debts.

I was referred to BNA Debt Solutions and from my first contact with Nicole I felt at ease. There was no judgement and she answered every one of my questions thoroughly and I felt very comfortable with her. She made sure to show all options for our situation and met with us outside business hours to accommodate our needs. Barry also was very friendly and accommodating to our schedule and educated us on how easily debt can get out of hand. Before I reached out to BNA, I was stressed, anxious and felt like I had no solution to my debt problems but now 2 weeks later I feel like I can breathe again and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We still have a long way to go but now I feel like I’m more in control of our situation. Don’t delay if you are struggling with debt. Reach out! BNA has the answer and can send you in the right direction. I’m so glad I did!!!


The customer service at BNA is outstanding. For such a stressful situation, Nicole (my administrator) made me feel so at ease. If anyone is considering a consumer proposal, I would HIGHLY recommend working with BNA. One of the greatest reasons why is that you will not feel judged and will never feel embarrassed. For a decision that seemed so scary and intimidating, it actually turned out to be so straight forward and simple (on my end). Nicole was so efficient throughout the process. She responds to emails almost immediately and was always there to answer all my questions. I can not thank Nicole enough for all her work on my file and once again, I would highly recommend the services of BNA to help you through this process. Although this decision will affect my credit for the next several years, it was a wonderful experience to have worked with such a great team at BNA. I feel so relieved now that my file has been submitted. What a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you Nicole, and the team at BNA. You are all great human beings.


My experience with BNA Debt Solutions has been nothing short of excellent. Lanaia and the team are extremely diligent, helpful and are solution based oriented. Being in a position to require their services, is less than desirable and the process is not pleasant. With that being said, the team I worked closely with was extremely timely, effective and empathetic. I had consulted with other trustee offices in the past and was made to feel ashamed and regretful. BNA offered sound, honest advice and softened the blow of this whole process. I have referred several individuals in unfavorable financial positions to them, with high recommendation, after my personal experience.


BNA Debt Solutions has provided us with the best service possible by prompt attention to our request for assistance, one on one meetings to determine the best options for our financial situation, promptly answering any questions we had and walking us step by step through the process required to make a decision that would meet our needs. In addition, the counselling sessions are beneficial and informative in moving forward towards solutions for successful money management. The staff are all courteous and professional and we would highly recommend this company.


What more can I say?! As soon as you walk into BNA, feeling of relief comes upon you! The staff make you feel so comfortable, as if you were talking to a long time friend. Trust me, I’m glad I made an appointment here!!


My experience with BNA Debt Solutions has been very positive. It was my own choices that resulted in me having financial difficulties so of course I have no one but myself to blame for that. However, Paige and Glen were very clear about the choices available to me and gave me ample time to make the best decision for my particular circumstances. I closely followed the program they set up for me and the outcome couldn’t have been better. For me learning to keep a detailed budget of monthly expenses (something I’d never done before), has been worth so much that I’m continuing it even after my bankruptcy was discharged. My advice to anyone in a similar situation would be to take the process seriously, follow whatever program is set up for you and you will achieve a desirable outcome. I highly recommend BNA Debt Solutions.


Glenn was extremely kind and personable during a time like this where you feel extremely vulnerable. He stayed in contact with me prior to, during and after. I felt confident to go through the process and like I was being completely taken care of.


Bad things happen to good people, especially in times of economic and employment uncertainty. From the very beginning, from my first phone call, BNA Solutions has treated me with respect, empathy and complete professionalism. The staff were very thorough, knowledgeable and prompt with all my interactions. All options were explained to me and I felt there was hope rather than darkness and despair.


It is difficult during times of uncertainty to select a stranger to assist you with a problem as sensitive and far-reaching as mine. To my benefit, BNA Solutions (“BNA”) was the stranger I selected. The representative I spoke with was forthright with what I needed to know and do, as well as sensitive to what I was experiencing when I reached out for their help. BNA stepped in and acted on my behalf with a variety of creditors and other parties in order to help me to succeed.


Filing for corporate and personal insolvency was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. It was easily the most stressful situation I have ever dealt with. When I finally made the call to file, I was met with complete passion and was very comfortable dealing with BNA Solutions. Never let yourself think that there is no solution to the problem. Call BNA Solutions!


BNA was great from the start. Very easy to communicate and they were very informative as to what our options were. I would highly recommend then to anyone as it was nice to have someone on our side. Thank you Barry and Paige for making this an easy process.


I had been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder because of the debt load During this stressful time of my life and with a proposal under the bankruptcy act looming over my head I decided to make an appointment with a few Bankruptcy Trustees.
In one case I had the initial meeting with the Trustee and then requested an additional meeting to discuss further questions and I was told that they don’t have additional meetings that unless I signed with them. I didn’t feel comfortable doing that until I had my additional questions answered. I called my lawyer and he recommended Barry Nykyforuk. I am glad I did!
I met with Barry Nykyforuk and found him to be very professional, non judgemental and very informative. He answered all my question and I am happy with BNA Solutions.


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