Always a great day when we can help someone.  ?  We have been talking about this for years, and it is nice to see it is finally getting through.  We got a note in our comment box today from a happy client.

“We initially got services from a debt consolidation company in Ontario. After 4 months of paying $395 nothing happened, we were still being harassed by some creditors through mail, calls and house visits. With BNA, we haven’t even started paying yet and we already saw results. In less than a month all calls and mail from creditors stopped. That told us this company is legit. Now we are looking forward to declaring our selves debt free.”

We are always happy to help our clients. Sadly this couple missed the first clue that  there was a problem, and that was dealing with a debt consolidation company from Ontario that may not have been licensed to practice in Alberta rather than a local licensed insolvency practitioner. It is difficult to deal with these types of situations long distance when you cannot meet the people that you are entrusting with such a crucial element in your life.  It is like trying to hire a renovator from Ontario to work on your home in Alberta.