Happy Father’s day. Who is your dad? Is he a Bill Cosby or a Danny Tanner? Phillip Banks or Al Bundy maybe even an Archie Bunker? Like everything else, dads come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more successful and some are average working class, hardworking dads. Some will teach you how to fish, or throw a ball or fix anything on wheels, but not all dads can teach you about money and budgeting.

Some weren’t taught themselves. Numbers don’t come easy to everyone. Maybe your dad was handier with a hammer and an awesome cook but not so great with a calculator and a bank statement.

After 18 years in this business we have seen it all. Multi generations of the same family needing help because finance wasn’t a dinner table discussion growing up. Budgeting wasn’t a mandatory high school subject and managing your first credit card wasn’t a high priority.

If this is you, maybe taking care of your finances isn’t easy and things have gotten out of hand; know that change can happen. We can help you turn it around for the next generation, perhaps even help dad fix his finances. We can show you how to keep track of your expenses, get debt under control and start saving for the future. If you learn how to take care of your finances, maybe your kids will learn to take care of theirs.