When we think of the approach of spring, we often think of new beginnings, of the promise of warmer weather, green grass and blooming flowers. However, for many of us, the arrival of spring brings a considerable amount of anxiety and dread, as the deadline to pay your Canadian income tax looms at the end of April.

To be blunt, the Canada Revenue Agency is tenacious when it comes to collecting an outstanding tax bill. They bring with them the power of the federal government, and have the power to garnish your wages and seize your assets or put a lien on your home.

For the Albertan who is worried about the tax man staring over their shoulder, it seems like there aren’t many options for a happy ending. However, our team at BNA Debt Solutions has over 2 decades of experience in dealing with the CRA and other debt collectors. A simple consumer proposal can halt the threat of garnishment or seizure in its tracks, and lifting a massive weight off of your shoulders and bringing you peace of mind.

When you file a consumer proposal with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustee’s, all harassing calls and correspondence will end after the proposal is negotiated and agreed to between you, the Trustee and your creditors, including the powerful Canada Revenue Agency.

Turning tax terror into a happy ending

In the past few months alone, we have helped countless Albertans in both our Edmonton and Calgary offices with their mounting CRA, credit card, payday loans and vehicle debts, and we are fortunate enough to be able to share their success stories with you.

If you’re waffling or scared about coming in to talk to a Trustee, we encourage you to read some of these success stories, either here or on our Google Reviews page.

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. Oh my goodness. She’s a God sent angel to give me another chance at life. What she did for me is remarkable. Her professionalism is truly amazing and she deserves 20 Stars. She is very knowledgeable and after explaining to me what the company does and how she/they could help me, there weren’t many questions left to ask. She relieved me of my fears. She was very detailed and easy to understand. She explained my options so clearly, the relief I felt was so consoling, it’s hard to find the words to explain my heartfelt appreciation. I will not hesitate to recommend BNA debt solutions and let everyone know not to be embarrassed, they will not be judged, but be helped in a very dignified way. Keep up the great work you do.


Professional members who are able to answer all questions related to debt and solutions on how to get out of debt. They don’t charge any fees for their services! Nicole, our consultant, was amazing in answering all our questions and helped us release the stress of not knowing what will happen next. She is very knowledgeable and presented us with both options, bankruptcy and consumer proposal. We didn’t feel pressured to choose, she simply explained really well the difference between them. We decided that consumer proposal will be our best option. We can’t thank Nicole enough for her help and support. I highly recommend BNA Debt Solutions.


My husband and myself can’t put into words the relief we felt after our meetings with Nicole. She is awesome!! This was and is a very stressful time and embarrassing to deal with. Nicole put us at ease, she never judged and treated us with respect at all times. I can only say I wish I had known about this programme several years ago. A big thank you to Nicole who is handling our proposal and being so kind and understanding.


For the first time in my life I was going through a very difficult time with my finances and tried to struggle and stay afloat for a few years before everything got to be way too much. I was recommended BNA solutions from a non-for profit credit counselling organization and I am very happy I went to see them. Lanaia and her team were professional, kind, well informed and had very fast communication by email and in person. They made making some difficult decisions feel not so difficult. I would highly recommend BNA.


As you can imagine, having to deal with debt is never an easy thing. However my experience at BNA was excellent. The staff was courteous, polite and very helpful. I came in stressed and worried and left relaxed, with a smile on my face. I would recommend BNA to anyone dealing with debt problems big or small. Thanks for all your help!!


All of the people from the receptionist to the administrator to Barry were fantastic to work with. We felt comfortable talking about our situation and when we left our appointments felt relief. It was so nice to have someone hear us without feeling judgement.


Take it from the hundreds of people we’ve helped in the past year alone, putting an end to debt dread will be the best gift you will give yourself this spring.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, except for the tax time blues!

Let us talk to the tax man

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency is never a pleasant ordeal, but there’s no reason for you to do it on your own. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee has the legal jurisdiction and authority to deal with the CRA on your behalf and is the only licensed professional who can file a Consumer Proposal on your behalf.

The next time the tax man calls, call us. We can get in between you and your creditors and give you instant relief.