We’ve been in the insolvency business for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve helped over 10,000 Albertans eliminate their debt. If there’s one common thread running through every single person we have helped, it is this: the hardest part of getting your debt under control, is your first phone call or trip to our office.

From the minute you take that first step, it gets easier. Just like starting a new fitness regime where the toughest part of the journey is just “getting to the gym”, our clients regularly tell us that they wished they had come in and seen us years earlier. So let us save you months (or years) of worry and fear as we tell you exactly what to expect from the BNA Debt Solutions team.

You have nothing to fear except fear itself

So what holds people back from coming into our office and getting their debt under control? For some, it’s fear. They fear being judged, fear that their finances are even more out of control than they thought, or they are fearful that their lifestyle will have to come to a grinding halt, fear that everyone will know. For others, shame plays a large role. They feel ashamed that they let their finances spiral out of control, they feel ashamed that they are causing their family hardship, or they worry that our staff will take a stern tone.

Let us take the opportunity to state for the record: Our staff will NOT judge you, we have seen and heard it all, and are firm believers that bad things happen to good people. We never make anyone feel embarrassed or shameful about their finances, life happens. We help you fix it. In fact, we like to consider the BNA experience to be anything but judgemental or aloof.

What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit (and every visit) to the BNA Debt Solutions office, you’ll experience a few things. The first of which will be a warm and welcoming professional who will listen to your story. The second will be an action plan, where we will get to work on helping you to solve your debt, and ending creditor harassment immediately. The third is a massive feeling of calm and relief, knowing that your journey to financial freedom has started and it’s going to be much easier than you thought.

Still not convinced coming in to see us isn’t scary? Here’s a glowing review from one of our new clients who recently visited our Edmonton office:

Stressed, worried, overwhelmed and very unsure of what was ahead of us financially, we called and made an appointment with BNA Debt Solutions for November 2019. Our first appointment was amazing! Paige knows her job very well, she is organized, caring, compassionate and has a great sense of humour. With those skills, Paige managed to relieve and take away most of the feeling of being overwhelmed, worried and stressed.

Once again, BNA Debt Solutions provides very knowledgeable professionals who are caring, compassionate and funny. We realized that day it was the smartest thing that we could have done. We now have Paige and Glenn on our team making sure that we are protected while fulfilling the requirements of our Consumer Proposal.

Making and keeping that first appointment was a life saver! Without a doubt, we would recommend BNA Debt Solutions for all financial worries and would rate this company with five stars!

All we can say is thank you!

Get immediate relief

At BNA Debt Solutions, it’s our job as Licensed Insolvency Trustees to get between you and your creditors, to help you get control of your debt. It’s our commitment to you, to make sure you feel comfortable with your decisions, supported through the process, happy with the outcome and most of all relieved and confident moving forward. If you’ve been thinking about coming into our office to talk about a consumer proposal, but fear is holding you back, just ask yourself: what do you have to lose? Consultations are always free.

The answer is nothing, except for the weight of all that stress off your back. Let us help you find relief.

To start eliminating your debt, as well as the fear, shame and stress, call us today for a free consultation. We’d love to help you start the year the right way.