Why Choose BNA Debt Solutions?

With a variety of options out there to help you solve your debts, why choose BNA Debt Solutions is an obvious question. Here we’ll detail some of the special ingredients that make us a reputable and trustworthy licensed insolvency trustee and help answer this question for you.


Non-Profit Organizations

We love these guys. They have a very special place in the debt landscape. They provide a great service that can be the best option in various situations. If you have a minimal amount of debt, lots of payday loans, a significant amount of equity in your home or just need a break on interest. These programs could be right for you. They charge minimal fees and have ongoing budgeting classes. BNA will frequently refer clients to them that do not need our services but could use their help.


Debt Referral Companies

Typically, these companies will discuss a consumer proposal as your only option. They will explain how it works and what the steps are. They will charge a fee (typically $1,500 – $4,000) and refer you to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to file the proposal. It is a great consumer tip to ask:

  • What are my fees paying for?
  • What will I get for my $3,000?
  • Who is my actual trustee?
  • What are your credentials? How are you trained?
  • Is your company involved in any class action lawsuits?


Other Licensed Insolvency Trustees

When you talk to someone at another firm and they are the first point of contact, ask them about the company?

  • How long has it been in business?
  • How long has that employee been there?
  • What are their qualifications to provide this information?
  • Who will be your point of contact?
  • Did they tell you about all of your options? Or just one?

Some firms will put their most junior staff members on the phones to answer your questions. Your initial questions can be very complex and require a substantial amount of knowledge that may take years to learn and develop. Are you continually being put on hold while they go ask questions? Is someone telling you to just sign the papers and they will get you all the answers afterwards? Do you feel pressure to sign, are they providing you with short deadlines and demands to sign before month end? These are warning flags. Do you feel like a number or a valued client?

Is your actual Trustee local, or national? Sometimes national chains may be managed by someone in another province making it hard to connect face to face about issues. Will you be able to connect with a live person on the phone or be re-routed through a phone system to be lost in a digital maze.


So why choose BNA Debt Solutions?

Here at BNA we pride ourselves on our over 25 years in the industry, We believe the first person you speak with should be a trustee or a trustee in training, not a new employee with little to no experience or education in finance and debt  You should speak with the person with the most amount of practical knowledge first. While we have many other qualified staff that can and will assist you through the process afterwards you can always find your trustee or senior administrator available for any questions or concerns.

At BNA we believe that knowledge is power, you will be provided with every solution possible so that you feel confident that you can pick the best option for you and your family. No “sale or scare tactics”, no impossible deadlines and stress to move faster, we take your lead. If you need to proceed today to stop a garnishee, we can do that, but if you need time to think it through, and know you are making the right decision; you will not feel pressured.

BNA is also a small local business doing big things! Built on principles and ethics. We live, shop and support our local communities. Many of our staff are heavily involved via volunteering in our communities to make Alberta strong again. We understand Albertans and their struggles and will roll up our sleeves to help.

Check us out and see “why choose BNA Debt Solutions” should be your first question,  because thousands of Albertans already have and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!