I cannot thank BNA Debt Solutions enough for helping me when my financial burdens went out of control due to accident, illness that caused an extended period of very low income, and then my dog got very sick and needed surgery….being single, sick and on a minimal income, I felt like my life had turned completely upside down, and I felt hopeless…

I tried very hard to get myself back into a good place financially, but it just..kept..happening….one huge, unexpected expense after the other, and I just couldn’t get back on my feet.

When I reached out to BNA, I was responded to very promptly. I will admit, it was a scary thing to do, because I was feeling ashamed and defeated…but Lovelyn, who was my main point of contact, was so kind, caring, non-judgemental, and very knowledgeable; she immediately provided me with the best course of action, and walked me through every step, and she made me feel so at ease. My stress started melting away; a feeling I haven’t known in years!

She treated me like a person, and I felt immediately that I was in great hands!

BNA Solutions, with the amazing assistance of Lovelyn, Harman and their team, has given me the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start a fresh new chapter in my life; a much more stress free and positive one, and for that, I am incredibly grateful!!!

If you are uncertain about what to do when you’re stuck in a financial crisis, I highly recommend you contact

BNA Debt Solutions – you will not regret it!