The customer service at BNA is outstanding. For such a stressful situation, Nicole (my administrator) made me feel so at ease. If anyone is considering a consumer proposal, I would HIGHLY recommend working with BNA. One of the greatest reasons why is that you will not feel judged and will never feel embarrassed. For a decision that seemed so scary and intimidating, it actually turned out to be so straight forward and simple (on my end). Nicole was so efficient throughout the process. She responds to emails almost immediately and was always there to answer all my questions. I can not thank Nicole enough for all her work on my file and once again, I would highly recommend the services of BNA to help you through this process. Although this decision will affect my credit for the next several years, it was a wonderful experience to have worked with such a great team at BNA. I feel so relieved now that my file has been submitted. What a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you Nicole, and the team at BNA. You are all great human beings.