I must thank the entire team at BNA for their professional, informed, yet comforting approach. The very first day my wife and I had our first appointment, we were met by Lanaia and later Barry who both made us feel we were in good hands which gave us the comfort and relief we had not felt in a long time. They explained various options and the processes involved with each one. Our trouble started when we were suddenly caught with significant cash flow reductions due to seven different surgeries over a 5 year period which finally made it impossible to keep up with the bills. Lanaia and Barry set us on a path that made us feel that there actually was hope. The team that subsequently helped us through the monthly reporting process by answering every question we had along the way with compassion and understanding was exceptional. I must admit, we were “high maintenance” however, any one of the team we interacted with never made us feel a burden to them, never spoke down to us and showed empathy with even the most elementary questions. My wife and I thank the BNA Team in every possible way for literally changing our lives. We highly recommend BNA Debt Solutions to anyone reading this if you are in a financial dark place.